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It all boils down to three main points. 


First, I firmly believe that our government can do more to be as transparent as possible. Even though hosting Council meetings via video conference during the COVID-19 Pandemic has helped, live streaming on social media would go one step better. I also believe events like “town halls” would be well received in Ada. 


My next point goes hand in hand with the transparency part: a higher level of engagement with the community. I would like to see “Coffee with Council” events that are more personal and social. I would also like to see more ways to include community service within the Village. I’d like to see more community service events hosted by Council, and Council members participating in events as well. It’s good to be out and in the community, and even better to be out lending a helping hand.


Lastly, and what is most likely the most “controversial” idea is that it’s time to enact term limits for Ada’s elected officials. The average length of service for both Council and the Mayor is just over 15 years. While we appreciate the dedication and hard work of our elected officials and all that they have accomplished over the years, term limits will encourage new voices and ideas and further move Ada in a positive direction.

Vote for me & you will be heard